Bandeau Film_HUMANITE



Bruno Dumont

This is the story of a simple young man with modest knowledge but great faith in everyone. Although Pharaon Dewynter is a police inspector, this is the story of an unsophisticated life. He is a strict, humble man who feels the pain of others and constantly suffers from his own compassion. His job, a nasty investigation, slowly reveals his despair and bewilderment at his own guilt, a universal guilt over the monstrous nature of humanity. This is the story of Dewynter’s sacrifice.

Festivals & Awards

Cannes 1999: Grand Jury Prize

Cannes 1999: Best Actor

Cannes 1999: Best Actress

Original title: L'humanité

Production: 3B Productions, Arte France Cinema, Crrav

Nationality: France

Year of production: 1999

Running time: 148

Language: French


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