Sacro Gra

Sacro GRA


Gianfranco Rosi

After the India of Varanasi’s boatmen, the American desert of the dropouts, and the Mexico of the narco-assassin, Gianfranco Rosi has decided to tell the tale of a part of his own country, roaming and filming for over two years in a minivan on Rome’s giant ring road –the Grande Raccordo Anulare, or GRA- to discover the invisible worlds and possible futures harbored in this area of constant turmoil. Elusive characters and fleeting apparitions emerge from the background of this winding zone.

Festivals & Awards

Golden Lion – Venice International Film Festival 2013


Original title: Sacro GRA

Production: Doc La- La Femme Endormie - Robo Films

Nationality: Italy - France

Year of production: 2013

Running time: 93'

Language: Italian

Ratio: 1.85





Sacro Gra Artwork

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