Bandeau Grandfather Allende Marcia Tambutti Allende

Beyond My Grandfather Allende


Marcia Tambutti Allende

35 years after the coup d’état that overthrew her grandfather, Salvador Allende, Marcia wishes to change the family custom of not speaking about him and their tragic history. She believes it is time to recover the family memories snatched away during the coup and to unveil their intimate past buried under Allende´s political transcendence, exile and family pain. She draws a family portrait that addresses the complexities of irreparable losses and the role of memory in three generations of an iconic family. The translucent intimacy brings the viewer so close that we all become grandchildren of Allende.

Festivals & Awards

Festival de Cannes – Golden Eye (Best Documentary) 2015


Original title: Allende mi abuelo Allende

Production: Errante - Martfilms

Nationality: Chile - Mexico

Year of production: 2015

Running time: 98'

Language: Spanish


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