Beyond The Steppes


Vanja D'Alcantara

With: Agnieszka Grochowska, Aleksandra Justa, Borys Szyc

“Beyond the Steppes” tells the story of a woman’s forced journey to the steppes of Central Asia. In 1940 Nina, a young Polish woman, is deported with her baby by the Soviet Army in 1940, to the remote and inhospitable lands of the USSR. She has to work in a Sovkhoz guarded by the Russian political police. When her child becomes ill, she sets out on a search of medications with a group of Kazakh nomads.
The film draws the intimate and personal experience of this woman, forced into exile, in her struggle against the extreme conditions of this inhuman land.

Original title: Beyond The Steppes

Production: Need Productions - Lunanime - Akson Studios

Nationality: Belgium - Poland

Year of production: 2010

Running time: 83'

Language: Polish, Russian

Ratio: 1:85




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