Leon Lewis, a Hollywood Spy Against the Nazis

Leon Lewis, a Hollywood Spy Against the Nazis


Olivier Mirguet

1933, California. The Nazi regime is seeking to establish itself in the US. Operating in the shadows, the Nazis’ spies have infiltrated Hollywood and the studios, spreading their ideology and preparing to seize power.
Leon Lewis, a jewish lawyer perceiving the growing threat stands in the way. With few ressources he sets up a spy ring to dismantle the Nazi groups and expose the plot.
Mixing archives and animation, this documentary portrays the unknown story of an ordinary hero who foresaw and corrected the fate of his country before it was too late.

Original title: Leon Lewis, L’espion qui déjoua le complot nazi contre l’Amérique

Production: Ex Nihilo

Nationality: France

Year of production: 2022

Running time: 52'



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