bandeau - au cul du loup - Pierre Duculot

Miles From Anywhere


Pierre Duculot

With: Christelle Cornil, François Vincentelli, Jean-Jacques Rausin

Christina (nearly thirty) has been living in the Charleroi region with her boyfriend Marco for close to ten years. Marco and his father, Gino, run a pizzeria together. While waiting for a worthwhile job Christina often helps out as a waitress. Christina’s grandmother dies and leaves her a house in Corsica. Nobody in her family seems to know how and when the old woman acquired the house. Everyone in her family, and Marco too, try to convince her to sell the house, but she refuses. She wants to understand why her grandmother wanted her to inherit it. This inheritance gives her the opportunity to put into question the monotony of her life. She decides to leave on her own to discover the house. This trip is going to turn her life, and that of those close to her, upside down…

Festivals & Awards

CINEMANIA – Official Selection – 2011

São Paulo International Film Festival – Official International Selection – 2011

Original title: Au cul du loup

Production: Need productions - Perspective Films

Nationality: Belgium - France

Year of production: 2011

Running time: 82'

Language: French


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