Orlando, My Political Biography


Paul B.Preciado

In 1928, Virginia Woolf wrote Orlando, the first novel in which the main character changes sex in the middle of the story. A century later, trans writer and activist Paul B. Preciado decides to send a film letter to Virginia Woolf: her Orlando has come out of her fiction and is living a life she could have never imagined. Preciado organises a casting and gathers 26 contemporary trans and non-binary people, from 8 to 70 years old, who embody Orlando.

Festivals & Awards

Berlinale 2023 –  Special Jury Award Encounters Section,  Teddy Award for Best Documentary Film, Special Mention Berlinale Documentary Award Jury &  Tagesspiegel Reader’s Jury Prize for Best Encounters Film

Bildrausch Film Festival 2023 – Audience Award

Jerusalem Film Festival 2023 – Special Mention from the Chantal Akerman Prize jury


Original title: Orlando, ma biographie politique

Production: Les Films du Poisson - 24 Images - Arte France

Nationality: France

Year of production: 2023

Running time: 98'


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