Samouni Road


Stefano Savona

In the rural outskirts of Gaza City a small community of farmers, the Samouni extended family, is about to celebrate a wedding. It’s going to be the first celebration since the last war. Amal, Fuad, their brothers and their cousins have lost their parents, their houses and their olive trees. The neighbourhood where they live is being rebuilt. As they replant trees and plow fields, they face their most difficult task: piecing together their own memory. Through these young survivors’ recollections, Samouni Road conveys a deep, multifaceted portrait of a family before, during and after the tragic event that changed its life forever.

Festivals & Awards

Cannes Director’s Fortnight 2018 – Official Selection

Cannes 2018 – Golden Eye for Best Documentary


Original title: La route des Samouni

Production: Picofilms, Alter Ego Production, Dugong films

Nationality: France, Italy

Year of production: 2018

Running time: 126'

Language: Arabic


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