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Eric Flandin

GUERRILLA, COCAINE AND BIODIVERSITY – Does Colombia owe the preservation of its primary forests to war? This is one of the crucial questions posed by this documentary, which follows Franz Florez in his old bus full of snakes across a rural Colombia that is generally inaccessible. A Colombian vet who looks after wild animals, Franz is a real snake charmer. He doesn’t hesitate to use them in order to effortlessly cross zones of a civil war now fed by cocaine production. In the heart of the jungle he even meets up with guerillas “who are fighting for a cause that people no longer really get”, in order to invite them to become militants of… species protection! Full of the most surprising characters, this documentary is a journey of discovery, inviting us to reflect on the relationship between man and nature.

Festivals & Awards

Cinema Planeta – Grand Prix – 2010

Original title: L'Homme aux serpents

Production: TS Productions

Nationality: France

Year of production: 2009

Running time: 85'

Language: Spanish

Ratio: 16/9




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