Sons of Honour

Sons of Honour


Sophia Luvarà

In the Italian region Calabria it’s the world’s most dangerous mafia organization that reigns: the ‘Ndrangheta. Here, a life of extorsion and murder is being passed on from father to son. Here we follow juvenile judge Roberto Di Bella and four boys involved in mafia activities. Di Bella fights against the ‘Ndrangheta by taking young boys away from their extremely powerful and violent families, and by re-educating them. Can one man change their fate?

In this film, there are no blood splatters. No bullet holes. No lifeless bodies. Yet the violence to which these boys have been exposed in their short lives and which has been holding the region in its grip for decades, is felt in every scene. Where other Mafia films and documentaries show the result of the Mafia, this film highlights the deep-rooted underlying tradition.

Festivals & Awards

Biografilm 2020 – Official Selection

Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2021


Original title: Sons of Honour

Production: Witfilm - Doclab

Nationality: The Netherlands - Italy

Year of production: 2020

Running time: 52' & 90'

Language: Italian




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