Sons of Honour

Sons of Honour


Sophia Luvarà

In the most violent region of Italy – Calabria – the ‘Ndrangheta mafia rules. One of the few who dares to stand up against the mafia is the President of the juvenile court, Roberto Di Bella. He took a drastic step by starting a re-education programme titled “Free to Choose”. The programme separates teenage boys from their mafia families to break a generational cycle of criminality. The goal is straightforward: to show the teenager, who has been groomed for a life of violence and criminality, that there is another way of life. Sons of Honour is an epic coming-of-age drama that follows the crusade of Roberto Di Bella, a man living under protection 24/7. Through him and his team of the Juvenile Court, we will meet the sons of some of the most dangerous men in Italy.

Festivals & Awards

Biografilm 2020 – Official Selection


Original title: Sons of Honour

Production: Witfilm - Doclab

Nationality: The Netherlands - Italy

Year of production: 2020

Running time: 52' & 90'

Language: Italian



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