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Nicolas Wadimoff

” I spent weeks filming in Marseille’s “Quartier nord”, a district of the city mainly known in the media for its drug trafficking, gang shootings and kalashnikovs… There, I met an amazing person, named Yvan Sorel. He runs a MMA (Mixed martial Arts) club in the middle of this neighbourhood. Day after day, all on his own, with no support from the state, which gave up on this area a long time ago, he fights to keep the children and teenagers on the “right” path. It’s a film about violence, education, moral values, faith and dignity… “

Festivals & Awards

Make Dox – Special Mention – 2015

Original title: Spartiates

Production: Akka Films

Nationality: Switzerland

Year of production: 2014

Running time: 80'

Language: French





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