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Franck Ribière

STEAK (R)evolution is a road trip of a French gourmet.

Franck Ribiere’s family raises cattle in the center of France and of course, they always thought French red meat was the best in the world. A trip to New York made Franck realise that France is late. Nowadays, things change fast in food and cuisine, even in the small world of the beef community.

Franck takes us around Europe, Argentina, Brazil, the USA, Japan and Canada, looking for the best meat in the world. Doing so, he will question our deep relationship with beef and red meat and meet passionate and revolutionary breeders, butchers and cooks who will share their secrets about beef ‘Haute couture’. And guess what ? Happy cows make the best steaks.

Festivals & Awards

San Sebastián International Film Festival – Culinary Zinema – 2014

Tribeca Film Festival – Spotlight – 2015

Seattle International Film Festival – Culinary Cinema – 2015

Original title: Steak (R)evolution

Production: La Ferme ! Productions, C.Productions

Nationality: France

Year of production: 2014

Running time: 110'

Language: French, English

Ratio: 16/9


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