The Bertrand’s Farm


Gilles Perret

50 years in the life of a farm… Haute Savoie (French Alps), 1972: run by three brothers, the Bertrand dairy farm and its one hundred animals is filmed for the first time. As a neighbor, director Gilles Perret dedicated his first film to them in 1997, while the three farmers are in the process of passing the farm on to their nephew Patrick and his wife Hélène. Today, 25 years later, the director-neighbor takes up the camera again to accompany Hélène, who, in turn, is handing over the reins. Through the words and actions of the people who have succeeded one another, the film reveals compelling life journeys where work and transmission occupy a central place: an intimate, social and economic story of the French farming world.

Original title: La Ferme des Bertrand

Production: Elzévir Films

Nationality: France

Year of production: 2023

Running time: 87'

Language: French



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