Diplomats of the shadow - Jean Crépu

The Diplomats of the Shadows


Jean Crépu

The European Union is a constantly challenged system, starting with the question of language. With 24 languages represented, how to speak with one voice? Shielded from public view in small caulked booths, European interpreters witness on a daily basis all major current challenges in international negotiations. The Diplomats of the Shadows is a reflection of the cultural and linguistic diversity essential to the proper functioning of the European Union’s democratic system, which has no equivalent in the world. From the war in Ukraine to the energy crisis, and the migration policy, this film takes us into the current geopolitical issues through the lens of European interpreters. In this immersive experience within the European institutions, the director raises a fundamental question: in these times of upheaval, how to preserve unity in diversity, the very essence of the European construction?

Original title: Les diplomates de l'ombre


Nationality: France

Year of production: Delivery spring 2024

Running time: 60'

Language: French


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