The Girl in the Fountain

The Girl in the Fountain


Antongiulio Panizzi

With: Monica Bellucci

Anita Ekberg is the quintessential diva, symbolizing like nobody else the “dolce vita” depicted in Federico Fellini’s film. But the famous scene at the Trevi Fountain hides a much more chaotic life, that of an actress consumed by her own iconic image. Mixing archive footage and reenacted scenes by another icon – Monica Bellucci – the film retraces her outstanding path, while drawing a double portrait of actresses and women, providing a fresh look at femininity, fame and media exposure.

Festivals & Awards

Torino FF 2021 – Official Selection

Original title: The Girl in the Fountain

Production: Dugong Films - Eagle Pictures

Nationality: Italy - Sweden

Year of production: 2021

Running time: 58' & 80'

Language: Italian - English


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