Lost Souls of Syria

The Lost Souls of Syria


Stéphane Malterre & Garance Le Caisne

Stolen from the Syrian regime’s secret archives, 27 000 photos showing bodies of civilians detainees tortured to death are made public by a military defector codenamed Caesar. Who are the dead, what was their fate, why have they disappeared in Bachar Al Assad’s prisons?

All across Europe, victims’ families, helped by international lawyers, activists and Caesar himself, seek for truth and justice, investigating the Syrian death machine and its highest officials. But torn between western governments’ political agenda and the ongoing terror spread by Damascus dictatorship, how far will they go?

Original title: Les Suppliciés

Production: Les Films d'Ici - Katuh Studio

Nationality: France - Germany

Year of production: Delivery 2022

Running time: 99


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