U-96, The True Story of ‘Das Boot’


Raphaël Millet

The international success of the film Das Boot by Wolfgang Petersen made the U-96 one of the most famous submarines in cinematic history. But the true story of one of Hitler’s most fearsome U-boats and its crew goes far beyond fiction. For the first time, this documentary sheds light on the reality behind the fiction through exclusive interviews with the makers and actors of Das Boot, as well as the last survivors of the time. In doing so, this documentary explores how Hitler’s propaganda images may have influenced the visual and narrative force of Das Boot.

Original title: U-96, la véritable histoire de « Das Boot »

Production: Nocturnes Production - Girelle Production - ADV Productions

Nationality: France - Belgium

Year of production: Delivery 2023

Running time: 52’ & 70'


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