Willy Ronis, The Reporter and his Battle


Vladimir Vasak

Based on an exclusive interview with the famous photographer Willy Ronis, with iconic or less known photos, this film invites us to a journey through the diversity and richness of his work, ten years after his death. Having been an emblematic representative of so-called “humanist” photography, Willy Ronis unfairly lived in the shadow of Robert Doisneau and Henri Cartier Bresson. And yet, his sensitivity to the daily struggles to survive in a precarious professional, family and social context is one of the strengths of his work. His political commitment sets him apart from many others. Relating the great historical events of the 20th Century, the film portrays a humanist who never gave up his political and social commitments.

Original title: Willy Ronis, le Reporter et ses Batailles

Production: Day for Night - Arte

Nationality: France

Year of production: 2020

Running time: 52'

Language: French


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