Auguste Rodin, Sculptor

Auguste Rodin, Sculptor


Michaël Gaumnitz

In public school he was anything but a genius, at the School of Beaux-Arts he failed three times, and the first time he exhibited a sculpture at the French Salon, it set off a huge scandal…. Rodin’s life was no royal path predestined to glory. Until he was 40, until the ‘Gate of Hell’ was commissioned, he worked for other artists as a hand-laborer! Michaël Gaumnitz’s and Marie Sellier’s film retraces this life marked by hard work and obstination. From image to image, from sketches to masterpieces, from scandals to triumphs, this nuanced and impassioned portrait of a very great sculptor is modeled before our very eyes.

Original title: Auguste Rodin, Sculpteur

Production: Lapsus (Esther Hoffenberg) - La Cinquième - Musée Rodin - Arion Média

Nationality: France

Year of production: 1998

Running time: 26'

Language: French


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