Avenge, But One Of My Two Eyes


Avi Mograbi

From the myths of Samson and Massada, the younger Israeli generations learn that death is preferable to domination.
Today, as the second Intifada is raging, the Palestinians are constantly humiliated by the Israeli army – peasant are kept from ploughing their fields, children on their way back from school are stranded at checkpoints for hours, an old woman can’t even go back home… Exhausted, these people voice their anger and despair – just as the Hebrews did with the Romans or Samson with the Philistines.
Israeli filmmaker Avi Mograbi still believes in the power of dialogue, with besieged Palestinians, and with omnipresent Israeli army officials.

Festivals & Awards

Festival de Cannes – Out of Competition 2005

New York Film Festival 2005

Original title: Pour un seul de mes deux yeux

Production: Les Films d'Ici

Nationality: France

Year of production: 2005

Running time: 100'

Language: Hebrew




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