Bandeau - Dioses



Josué Mendez

With: Marcielo Effio, Sergio Gjurinovic, Anahi de Cardenas, Edgar Saba

Before starting at university, Diego and his sister Andrea spend the summer at the family villa on the Peruvian coast together with their father, a wealthy business man and his new young, girlfriend Elisa. Torn between extreme love for his sister and the difficult relationship with his father, spending days and nights together with his friends going from party to party where alcohol, drugs and money are not a problem, Diego struggles to find a place in this upper-class society where all characters behave as gods: beyond rules, beyond morality and beyond belief.

Festivals & Awards

Locarno Film Festival – Competition – 2008

Toronto International Film Festival – 2008

San Sebastian Film Festival – Competition – 2008

Biarritz Festival Latin America – Best Film – 2008

Havana Film Festival – Best Sound – 2008

Filmfest München – 2009

Santiago International Film Festival – 2009

Original title: Dioses

Production: Chullachaki Producciones

Nationality: Peru

Year of production: 2008

Running time: 91'

Language: Spanish

Ratio: 1.66


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