Discorama, Signé Glaser


Esther Hoffenberg

If you lived in France in the 60’s, then the name Denise Glaser will certainly touch your heart in a special way. Glaser produced and presented Discorama, an extraordinary t.v. show which is credited for discovering new stars such as Barbara, Serge Gainsbourg, Georges Moustaki, Maxime Le Forestier and Catherine Lara. Everyone wanted to appear on her show because Glaser knew how to ask, she listened well and got deep, personal answers from her guests. Discorama wasn’t a typical talk show with a never ending stream of singers dropping off the conveyor-belt; Discorama was human interaction that mesmerized an enormous number of French viewers every Sunday, disguised as light entertainment. Glaser also had strong political views and fought for her beliefs; she paid a heavy price when she opposed the Gaulists. This is the profile of a woman, highlighting her career – her whole existence – leaving no room for an off screen life.


Production: Lapsus

Nationality: French

Year of production: 2007

Running time: 67'


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