Law and Order by Frederick Wiseman

Law And Order


Frederick Wiseman

LAW & ORDER surveys the wide range of work the police are asked to perform: enforcing the law, maintaining order, and providing general social services. The incidents shown illustrate how training, community expectations, socio-economic status of the subject, the threat of violence, and discretion affect police behavior.

Festivals & Awards

Emmy Award for Best Documentary – 1969


LAW & ORDER was the most powerful hour and a half of television that I’ve seen all year…

Pauline Kael, The New Yorker

… a vivid impression of (the policemen’s) working lives and through this a complex sense of what it means to be in their position in a large American city… There is the implicit threat of violence in any radio call. Moreover, the cops are expected to dispose of countless routine problems — drunks, accidents, family quarrels — that can’t be ‘solved’ to anyone’s satisfaction and that most ‘decent’ people don’t want to touch.

Gary Arnold, The Washington Post

Original title: Law And Order

Production: Zipporah Films Inc.

Nationality: USA

Year of production: 1969

Running time: 81'

Language: English




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