Matrix, Inside & Out

The Matrix, Inside & Out


Benjamin Clavel

In 1999, a unique cinematographic object shook an entire generation and reached the top of the box-office world-wide. The Matrix saga was born and quickly became a pop-culture phenomenon revealing a duo of filmmakers: the Wachowskis.

Its prophetic aspects will be at the heart of this unprecedented documentary. By propelling the audience into the 21st Century, it foresaw many social and political issues of our current times: use of technologies, hacking, gender and identity issues, fake news, conspiracy-theory…

Forging ahead, the Wachowskis’ cinema has been leading a global fight for emancipation, inspiring generations in their quest for truth, choice and freedom.

Production: Bellota Films

Nationality: France

Year of production: Delivery December 2022

Running time: 52'

Language: English


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