The Nazi-Soviet Pact – the fiasco of the European diplomacy


Cédric Tourbe

The pact concluded in August 1939 between Hitler and Stalin is still nowadays a symbol of the duplicity and cynicism of the Soviet dictator. However, the true story of this pact, starting point of World War II, is way more ambiguous than it seems. It is, first of all, the story of an astonishing collective failure in which Britons and French share a lot of responsibility. Following, step by step, the events that led to the signature of the pact, this documentary is an account of this fiasco through the eyes of the ones that tried their best to avoid the worst.

Original title: LE PACTE HITLER-STALINE: le fiasco de la diplomatie occidentale

Production: Agat Films & Cie

Nationality: France

Year of production: 2018

Running time: 104' or 2x52'

Language: French




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