La Vie Devant Nous

The Life Ahead Of Us, Another Face Of Immigration

Frédéric Laffont, co-writing with Ariane Chemin

The First 54 Years – an Abbreviated Manual for Military Occupation

Avi Mograbi


Venezuela, In the Shadow of Chávez

Laurence Debray

Now - Jim Rakete


Jim Rakete

Vignette Latin America A Giant in Turmoil

Latin America: A Giant in Turmoil

Marco Enriquez & Rodrigo Vazquez

The Penalty

Will Francome & Mark Pizzey

Lenin: Another Story of the Russian Revolution

Cédric Tourbe


Between Fences

Avi Mograbi

Violette Leduc, in pursuit of love

Esther Hoffenberg

La Sociale

La Sociale

Gilles Perret


Joël Soler

From Hiroshima to Fukushima: Doctor’s Hida Fight

Marc Petitjean


Once I Entered A Garden

Avi Mograbi

Cast Lead

Stefano Savona

Plastic Planet

Werner Boote

Z32 - Avi Mograbi


Avi Mograbi


Avenge, But One Of My Two Eyes

Avi Mograbi

Simone Veil, a French story

David Teboul


August, Before the Eruption

Avi Mograbi

Happy Birthday, Mr Mograbi

Avi Mograbi

How I Learned to Overcome my Fear and Love Ariel Sharon

Avi Mograbi

the flickering flame

The Flickering Flame

Ken Loach