The Flats

Alessandra Celesia

Diplomats of the shadow - Jean Crépu

24 Languages, One Europe

Jean Crépu

Lost Souls of Syria

The Lost Souls of Syria

Stéphane Malterre & Garance Le Caisne


Alexander Abaturov

The Takeover

The Takeover

Gilles Perret

Feature A Guide to Love and Fighting Capitalism

A Guide to Love and Fighting Capitalism

Basile Carré-Agostini

Featured image - Returning to Reims

Returning to Reims

Jean-Gabriel Périot

Those who Care - Ruffin and Perret

Those who Care

François Ruffin & Gilles Perret

The First 54 Years – an Abbreviated Manual for Military Occupation

Avi Mograbi

City Hall - Frederick Wiseman

City Hall

Frederick Wiseman


Venezuela, In the Shadow of Chávez

Laurence Debray


The Sea Wall, Marguerite Duras and the Colonial Illusion

Valérie Urréa & Nathalie Masduraud

Now - Jim Rakete


Jim Rakete


No Kings

Emilia Mello

A Place in the Sun by François Ruffin and Gilles Perret

A Place in the Sun

Gilles Perret and François Ruffin

Midnight Traveler

Hassan Fazili & Emelie Mahdavian

Whatever happened to my revolution Judith Davis

Whatever Happened to my Revolution

Judith Davis

Game Girls

Alina Skrzeszewska

Vignette Dead Souls by Wang Bing

Dead Souls

Wang Bing

Bones of Contention

Andrea Weiss


Mohamed Siam

Welcome to Nuclear Land

Esther Hoffenberg


Between Fences

Avi Mograbi

La Sociale

La Sociale

Gilles Perret

Merci Patron François Ruffin

Thanks Boss!

François Ruffin

Free to run

Pierre Morath

Everything’s Under Control

Werner Boote


David Bernet

The Law

The Law

Christian Faure

Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait

Ossama Mohammed & Wiam Simav Bedirxan


At Berkeley

Frederick Wiseman

The Repentant

Merzak Allouache

No Harm Done

Nadia El Fani


Once I Entered A Garden

Avi Mograbi

the night watchman

The Night Watchman

Natalia Almada

The Minister

The Minister

Pierre Schoeller


Merzak Allouache

Neither Allah, Nor Master!

Nadia El Fani

Cast Lead

Stefano Savona

Z32 - Avi Mograbi


Avi Mograbi


Avenge, But One Of My Two Eyes

Avi Mograbi

Simone Veil, a French story

David Teboul

KUXA KANEMA, The Birth of Cinema

Margarida Cardoso

Cali – The Hostage City

Natalia Suarez, Thomas Sady


August, Before the Eruption

Avi Mograbi

Public Housing

Frederick Wiseman

How I Learned to Overcome my Fear and Love Ariel Sharon

Avi Mograbi

The Merchants of Influence

Kamal Dehane

Law And Order

Frederick Wiseman